Welcome to the Methods for an Active Pedagogy platform (MAPE)

Energize, awaken, animate a group of learners or an amphitheatre, such are the subjects to which this platform tries to answer.

Keeping the attention of students in class is sometimes difficult for teachers. How can effective teaching be provided under these conditions? The same problem arises for trainers. Time and staffing constraints create a learning environment from which it is difficult to escape. Thus learners as well as teachers and trainers experience a certain weariness when faced with the repetition of pedagogical practices. These are usually based on a passive attitude on the part of the learner.

They require a demanding investment to be maintained over the long term for teachers and trainers.

Active teaching methods are developing but remain difficult to access and their users are relatively isolated. Moreover, they imply a certain risk-taking because of their innovative and experimental character.

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There is therefore a real need to work on how to teach and train in order to improve knowledge transmission and skills development. This includes methods that involve learners, making them more active and enabling them to retain more information. It is therefore important to rediscover the pleasure of learning, teaching and training.

Such educational initiatives must be supported through different actions. The popularization and sharing of practices among education stakeholders is an essential point in promoting these pedagogical changes. It is then relevant to ask how to initiate an educational module that can facilitate the learning of such practices?

It is on this reflection that we developed the MAPe project.

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