ONLINE Seminars with Top Researchers

ONLINE Seminars with Top Researchers

Online seminars with key researchers in their field.

The covid-19 problem lead to the cancellation of most seminars with physical presence. However we continued with online seminars using for instance zoom.

We invited several presenters for scientific seminars who are among the most cited and most acknowledged researchers in their field or chief editors of relevant journals. This allowed us as teachers and students to listen and speak  to very interesting colleagues sometimes from far away in an interactive manner.

ONLINE Seminars with Top Researchers

Resources produced as a result of a project: Escapade

Group size : Classroom (20-30 persons)

Modality : Distancial

Duration of the teaching method : Over several sessions

Special equipment : Notebook or PC with internet connection

Type of knowledge developed : Knowledge

Target Audience : Students, Professionals in training, Rather for groups with a homogeneous level

Course Type : Course

Preparation time :2 working hours

Author and persons who made changes : Hermann Buerstmayr

Why am I using this technique?

For my learners...

Students could listen to and interact with key researchers in their field.

Students witnessed a variety of presentation formats and personalities of presenters.

Students could ask direct questions and advice to some of the best-know researchers in their field of science.

For me, teacher or trainer...

We saved a lot of travel costs and travel time for the presenters.

We could win presenters who would most likely not be able to travel for minimum 2-3 days to our university in order to give a student presentation of 45 minutes and following discussion.

The CO2 footprint was minimal.

Interaction and discussion was quite good and fruitful, even if it was only via online tools.

Overall I think we took advantage of the travel restrictions due to covid-19 in this respect.

Framework and steps / Instructions

The framework

Ideally for already advanced students in their field, such as advanced master students or PhD students.

The preparation

Each participant needs a computer and stable internet connection.

The organizer needs a valid license for an online conference software.

The process

Check your contacts for possible presenters and negotiate a topic with them.

Contact them and set possible dates and times.

Prepare the meeting space.

Invite presenter and participants and provide the online or webinar link

Start and moderate the seminar and discussion

End the online seminar after the last question


Request feedback from the participants.

Ask participants for topics and presenters  they want to invite for an online seminar.

Points of vigilance

Plan well in advance.

Make sure the PC and internet is running smoothly.

What if it doesn't work?

In case of internet or hardware breakdown, postpone to another date and time.


This was a great experience and we will continue using this format.

It is a very cool setup particularly for PhD students and researchers.

Hermann Buerstmayr

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